Building a French Cleat System for Hanging Power Tools


You can easily get rid of the mess in your storage area by organizing all your power tools on walls using an ingenious system called French Cleat. It is a very smart way to use a wall for hanging cabinet, mirror, artworks, and other useful objects.

It uses a molding of 30 to 45-degree slope that interacts with the hangable objects to keep it firmly in place and allow to remove and fix another piece of the cabinet quickly. You can change the size of a shelf by just swapping one with the other.

Image. /wilkerdos

As a shelf and cabinet will not need to be glued or screwed to the wall, customizability, and flexibility is endless. A French Cleat uses pairs of objects that are cut on the same angle, so they correctly interact with each other.


The cleat is fixed to the wall securely with screws. It stays on the wall whereas the shelf and cabinet can be changed. Some people have even installed Cleat as long as the wall itself to have an unlimited flexibility to add and remove shelves and cabinets.

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