Kamasa 2 Ton Hydraulic Jack Restoration


The restoration began with dismantling the jack. This involved removal of all of the axles, clips and major functional pieces. I then degreased everything before removing all of the red paint with paint stripper. During the paint stripping process, I also remove an old warning sticker with a chisel.

I then moved onto dismantling the smaller bits like the piston and bracket from the socket piece. Once most of the paint, dirt, and grease were off, I blasted pretty much everything with 120 grit aluminum oxide and etch primed shortly after to protect the metal from rusting now and in the future.

Credit: Restore It

Once that was dry, I high-build primed all of the main metal parts. Once they were dry I sanded down them with 400g and then 800g wet and dry sandpaper. This prepared them for the coats of blue and black that followed. Once the primed parts were prepared for paint, I painted all of the red parts blue and the black pieces black again.

All details: Restore It