This Giant SR-71 Blackbird R/C Replica Has REAL Jet Engines


An amazing tribute, though perhaps unintended, to one of a few military aircraft that remain as viable today as it was when it was first introduced. This little remote controlled takes you through the paces as if it were the real deal.

The pilot and owner of this scale model is Lothar Heinrich and the Blackbird is powered by twin Jet-Cat P200 producing more than 57 pounds of thrust. The model has a wing span of 97 inches and is an impressive 177 inches long and weighs in at 77.6 pounds.

Credit: Markus Nussbaumer nuessgi22

Construction is basic balsa and plywood construction with fiberglass cloth and resin finish and this scratch-built SR-71 is one of only two flying Blackbirds approved for flight in the EU. To duplicate the visual affect of afterburners in the model, a set of high intensity LEDs are located in the exhaust ducting.

Text source: MAPN